Pumpcon - the nation's longest running practice session for folks who want to talk at HOPE and Defcon...

Want the honor and privilege of speaking at Pumpcon? Sure, there are other conferences you can speak at, but speaking at Pumpcon is like streaking at the North Korean Friendship Games- exciting and a little bit scary.

Pumpcon is an old school hacker con, held in Philadelphia on October 21st. In a bar. It's not about CTFs or arts and crafts badges. It's about hearing interesting ideas in technology, seeing old friends and making new ones. That's all.

So, are you interested?

Previous talks have run the gamut from how to turn your idea into a startup to doing logging the right way to taking over radio stations. Talks are not streamed or recorded and can be presented pseudonymously, so you can give talks that would get you fired elsewhere.


Please submit the following information to * lex (at) crapflood.org *

  • Title of talk
  • Abstract
  • Equipment you need in excess of a projector and screen.
  • Approximate time you'll need
  • Why you think a bunch of hackers will care.